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        Smart Home
        Smart home technology provides convenient, secure, and safe smart life through the convergence of home and IT. After Google’s Nest had announced in this business area, many kinds of personalized applications and devices developed and connected with personal mobile devices. All of these evolutions based on the technology of IoT, big data analysis, and cloud services. We have been developing various smart home devices and solutions in partnership with the major smart home system provider in Korea.
        Smart key system The parking lot lighting systemHome IoT Smart energy solution
        Smart Industry
        Smart industry technology combines various ICT technologies such as IoT, cloud, big data analysis, 3D printing, augmented reality, a cyber-physical system with traditional manufacturing technologies in the industrial sector. Industry 4.0 of Germany, as a representative of the national strategy, is promoted, and similar strategies also accelerated in the world. NESTFIELD is preparing new industry era in future by investing various industrial products/solution development applied to manufacturing factory.
        Indusrial IoT GatewayIndustrial Ethernet Smart Factory Solution Smart energy solution
        Smart Building
        Smart building technology is to manage all the building facilities automatically to make secure, comfort, and convenient life. In recent years, development of renewable energy technologies and building energy management system make energy and cost efficient building. And now, technologies for the internet of things, cloud server, and big data analysis can make a building smart. NESTFIELD has been developing a building control and interfacing solutions based on BACnet which is international standard network protocol for building automation and control system.
        BACnetBACnet GatewayBuilding controllers Smart energy solution