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        Smart Key System
        It is a smart key system for access control used in a public house, entrances and section. This smart key system supplied from NESTFIELD provides safe and convenient access management utilizing inter-networking technology with the smart home system. Our system consists of the smart key registration device, smart key, Reader, etc.

        The Parking lighting system
        It is the LED system based on wireless communication and installed in the parking lot of an Apartment House. It can save energy usage by using LED and increase the utilization efficiency by doing not only a batch control by a schedule but also real-time management according to various situations.

        Home IoT
        It is products offering variety function of the smart home system by integrating the internet of things. NESTFIELD has developed a range of products such as fire repeater, an indoor environmental sensor utilizing wireless communication technology related internet of things.

        Internet of Things

        Industrial IoT Gateway
        NESTFIELD has developed industrial IoT gateway including existing industrial network technology to be able to apply IoT technology in domestic industry in the shortest time. It supports wired, and wireless protocols such as WirelessHART, ISA100, Profibus, Modbus, Ethernet POWERLINK used in industry, and it will add consistently supported industrial network protocols.

        WirelessHEARTEthernet PowerLink

        Industrial Ethernet
        Industrial Ethernet is integrated to a goal of industrial Ethernet by replying requirements of stability and openness of industry. Industrial Ethernet is growing the mainstream of industrial communication networks Based on its characteristics of the low-cost, high-performance and it replaces the existing field bus area. NESTFIELD has developed a solution integrating industrial Ethernet technology such as Ethernet PowerLink, RAPIENet, EtherCAT, etc. with industrial IoT gateway.

        Ethernet PowerLink

        Smart factory solution
        NESTFIELD is investing development of smart factory solution that industrial IoT gateway products collect various data of industry, connect these to upper management level and efficiently utilize collected data which are made by using a variety of energy management techniques through collaborative research with academic. We apply standards attracting interest in the domestic and foreign industry to integrate external services.

        OPC-UAAutomationMLTSN(Time Sensitive Network)CDD(Common Data Dictionary)

        BACnet is the international standard communication protocol for building automation control systems. NESTFIELD has developed the BACnet protocol applied to various building automation control controller and is preparing it for certification.


        BACnet Gateway
        NESTFIELD offers BACnet interface function of a variety of equipment utilizing our BACnet protocol technology. Gateway products which can connect diffuser system using the CAN communication to BACnet system are already employed in the field.

        Building Controller
        NESTFIELD has Embedded Controller Modules utilizing BACnet technology. They can be easily added to BACnet function in a variety of applications through slight modification.

        Smart Energy Solution
        • NESTFIELD is doing research and development of various energy products and solution to be able to utilize in home/industry/building field. We supply user interface devices that can Monitor and Manage energy in real time in conjunction with a smart home system of a public house in the smart home field.

        • NESTFIELD developed SEP2.0 stack that is energy IoT solution of smart grid ourselves. So we have a source technology of SEP2.0 and passed international certification compatibility assessment of CSEP standards through our embedded systems.


        • NESTFIELD develops and supplies network solutions that make up the battery management system, in line with technology trends in which energy management technology for renewables.

        • NESTFIELD are utilizing a variety of IoT technology, the latest wireless technology, etc.. We are doing research of various products such as energy harvesting modules applied to efficient energy usage and energy management. And we built continued cooperation-relationships and are doing research of new technology such as demand response algorithm, energy management techniques, etc..

          SmartGrid Demand Response AlgorithmopenADR