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Smart Factory (AAS-based manufacturing data acquisition and storage solution)

  1. Nov. 2020 Shinwoo Costec Co.,Ltd. Shinwoo Costec is specialized in engineering and system development in the field of factory&robot automation. Nestfield&KOSMO developed the AAS data collection/storage solution that was applied in the PET container production of Shinwoo Costec for the first time.
    Application : PET Bottles Production Line

  2. Dec. 2020 Huons Co.,Ltd. Huons is a company specializing in the production of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Nestfield’s AAS solution was applied to the ampoule production line of Huons.
    Application : Medical Ampoule Production Line

  3. Nov. 2021 Edison Tech Co.,Ltd. Edison Tech is developing/producing battery packs for electric vehicles. The AAS solution is applied to the manufacturing process, so the process data is getting collected and stored in real time.
    Through our solution, we are collecting real-time operational data of products, and we are demonstrating that we use AAS to manage all lifecycles from parts warehousing, production, testing, to product operation.
    Application : Battery Cell, Battery Module Production Line

  4. Dec. 2021 Winnercom Co.,Ltd. Winnercom is a company that produces automobile parts. We applied our AAS solution to their production line to collect and store the data of the production process in real time.
    Application : Shark Antenna Production Line

  5. Nov. 2021 Central Co.,Ltd. Central is an middle-sized company that produces parts of an automobile. Nestfield applied its Manufacturing Operating System (MOS) Solution to the ball joint production line of Central and is now collecting/storing the data of the production process in real time.
    Central is conducting verifications on how to efficiently share data with various services (ie., MES, MOM and etc.) for production operations.
    Application : Ball Joint Production Line, going to be applicated on AMR(Autonomous Mobile Robots) soon

  6. Jan. 2022 Neuromeka Co.,Ltd. Neuromecar is a company that develops and supplies cooperative robots. The 6-axis multi-joint robot reference AAS model (completed after being reviewed by domestic and international experts) was applied together with the AAS solution. This reference AAS application demonstrates that suppliers can be quite helpful by participating in the AAS development process for their own equipment.
    Application : 6-axis multi-joint robot, injection molding machine

  7. Jan. 2022 Sambo Motors Co.,Ltd. Sambo Motors is a mid-sized company that produces precision press products, engine and fuel system-related parts, using Fine Blanking technology. We proved that the press equipment data can be collected/stored in real time by applying the AAS solution to the press line. Afterwards, a sensor for measuring vibration and current was added to the press facility to interlock data with the AAS server and is now being used for machine learning analysis services.

  8. Nov. 2021 Woojin Plaimm Co.,Ltd. Woojin Plime is the nation's No. 1 manufacturer/supplier of injection molding machines. Using the reference AAS model of the injection molding machine and the collaborative robot, it has been proven that the work of connecting/operating with each other is easy and can be used in various ways.
    This is a good example of when a supplier's equipment comes together with AAS.

  9. Gyeongnam Technopark GNTP was founded as a hub for connecting local innovative institutes to encourage establishment of technology-intensive corporations, technical advancement of local industries, contribute to boosting the local economy and national economic development by building cooperative relations among industry, academia, research institutes and the government in Gyeongsangnam-do. The institution is in charge of ICT convergence manufacturing operating system development and demonstration projects, and is jointly working with several research institutes to spread the ICT convergence manufacturing operating system MOS and establish Private 5G.

Electric Vehicle

  1. Edison Motors Co.,Ltd. Nestfield is developing and supplying REMS (Realtime Remote Monitoring system), EVCC (Electric Vehicle Communication Controller), SECC (Supply Equipment Communication Controller), EVCU (Electric Vehicle Control Unit), BMS (Battery Management System), EV diagnostic Software Kit, EOL Vehicle Mass Production Inspection Equipment, AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alert Sound) to Edison Tech.
    Application : Battery Packs used for Electric Buses, Electric Trucks and Electric Refrigeration Trucks

  2. Bumhan Mobility Co., Ltd. BUMHAN Mobility is dedicated to the construction of eco-friendly electric vehicles, eco-friendly power plants, and eco-friendly towns. Nestfield developed a integrated monitoring system for Electric buses. It will soon be mounted on Bumhan mobility buses.