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Pilot Plant Project

Nestfield developed an AAS-based pilot plant with the support of the Korean Ministry of SMEs and Startups and KOSMO (Korea Smart Manufacturing Office).

During the 1st stage of the Pilot Plant Project (PPP) in 2020 an AAS-based data acquisition and storage system was developed and successfully installed in two pilot plants, i.e., Shinwoo Costec and Huons.

In the 2nd stage of the PPP we plan to expand the development of AAS-based standard technologies to the entire life cycle of the production process, including commissioning, operation, management, prediction, decision-marking, control, etc.

  • AAS-based cloud data acquisition and storage system (2020)
  • ICT Convergence Manufacturing Operation System (MOS) Development & Demonstration Project (2021~)

Korea-Germany Joint AAS Standard-based Smart Manufacturing Forum

We have held an online forum to share the current status and future cooperation between Korea and Germany on the development, testing and utilization of AAS standard technologies.

  • The Korea-Germany Joint AAS Standard-based Smart Manufacturing Forum (2020.10.13)
  • The 2nd Korea-Germany Joint AAS Standard-based Smart Manufacturing Forum (2022.03.16)

International Exhibitions

A joint Korea-Germany live stream session was held at the Hannover Online Exhibition in April 2021. AAS experts from Korea and Germany came together in the Nestfield live stream session and they introduced AAS technology-related activities and AAS technologies being carried out in Korea and Germany.

  • AAS International: Cross-border interoperability via digital twins - Korean-German (Hannover fair, 2021.04.14)

5G issues

5G is an emerging technology in the industry. Nestfield focuses on industrial private 5G technology especially in MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing).

  • 5G & OPC UA for I4.0 (2021 World 5G Convention video)


Nestfield has developed an AAS-based PnP testbed (with three robots and one turntable) to implement an I4.0 scenario of Plug-and-Produce (i.e., a representative use case of adaptable factories).

OPC UA/TSN technologies were implemented to realize the interoperability between different assets.

  • AAS-based Plug-and-Produce (PnP) system

Orienting for the Industry 4.0-based smart manufacturing system, we have developed a refined TSN-integrated architecture referencing the network model of IEEE Std Qcc.

We have also developed a scheduling algorithm which was applied to the Centralized Network Configurator (CNC), and also configured High-Load and Low-Load scenarios to compare the QoS of scheduled traffic (robot control) and unscheduled traffic (video display).

The two operation scenarios verified that the developed TSN system can satisfy the real-time requirements and is robust enough even under the high-load traffic scenario.

  • Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) System